InterbeingDAO: decentralized funding and governance for a decentralized religion without religion

InterbeingDAO is an experimental digital layer for the network of churches of interbeing. Building a fractal structure that allows all core aspects of organizational metabolism to occur at any scale or “holon” of the network or communities within it, InterbeingDAO aims to create a biomimetic digital organization that is as unexpected, natural, and quietly disruptive as the vision of reconnected humans it exists to support.

Phase 1: Pool

In the first phase, using a simple multi-sig wallet, we create a pool of resources that forms a micro-grant fund to support emerging interbeing communities, available to individuals who have demonstrated the capacity and dedication to build a new church of interbeing in their city, and who require support to continue developing it to the point where it is self-sustaining.

Phase 2: Fractal

In the second phase, the DAO forms. Using a fractal structure that reflects the hierarchical autonomous circle organization of Sociocracy, the DAO will allow each community that is part of the network, and each domain of care within each community, the capacity to receive, govern, and allocate resources.

Phase 3: Organism

In the third phase, other forms of information flow and collective intelligence are brought online (or on-chain) in the DAO, giving affordances to create a decentralized fractal organization, with key functions of membership, resource allocation, governance, communication, and knowledge management all available to each self-similar holon of the organization.

Emerging interbeing community micro-grant fund

Initiating a church of interbeing in a new place requires time, dedication, skill, and focus. The micro-grant fund exists to support those who have already launched a church of interbeing in collaboration with the network, and need support to continue developing it to the point where it becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Grants will be in the form of a living stipend of up to €1,000/month, available on a case-by-case basis for up to a maximum of one year. Allocation of these grants will be initially decided by the network’s core team in consultation with our advisors. Once network governance is established, a working group of the governance body will be responsible for allocation. Finally, once network participation is strong, grants will be allocated by collective decision of the network members.